Friday, October 30, 2009

Docter Jonathan

Posted by PicasaThis story happened two weeks ago, but I got really sick that night and couldn't write for three days. I am better now and will tell you the story as follows: After lunch today, a boy from around here that I know, showed me behind the kitchen building to where a lizard lay, it's ribcage was heaving in and out with a great effort to breath, and it had blood coming out of it's nose, in drops that formed a puddle. Also its head was slightly indented as if something had whacked it,and there was some scales scratched off it's side. The boys name is Emanuel and he said the dog bit it, but I wonder if he did it, I know he is mean to animals a lot, but I can't be sure. Anyhow I knew that it needed help it was so weak that it didn't even try to get away when I picked him up and put him in my box. I then told mama and daddy and showed them the lizard, they said if an animal has blood coming out of it's nose that it is a goner, this made me sad but I didn't give up.
I got a plastic glove and a napkin and dabbed at the blood.then the idea occurred to me to put
something flat underneath him and raise the end his head was on so the blood wouldn't rush to his head. I immediately found a tile and put it underneath the lizard and raised the end with a rock. I saw that some scales were loose where the indent was and removed them by simply rubbing them gently. From the start Emanuel was watching, helping, and talking, he said that it was in the crocodile family I really doubt this but it could be. I looked it up on-line and found nothing about it, not even its name. He also said that it wanted water, I was sceptical of this suggestion but tried it any way. The result was amazing! The once still lizard (with the exception of the heaving), moved it's head to be in the stream of water coming from the cup, and then stood up on it's hinged legs as to get closer to the source of water. After that we kept putting water on him he just kept getting better. The bleeding had already stopped. He is fine as frog hair now, but still doesn't move much. And now for a question I still ponder, which saved him: the water, the elevation,or he got better by himself. Please tell me what you think in your comments. The End

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Q&A What is a Jesus Lizard?

A Jesus Lizard is a fast moving reptile that can run fast enough to run on water therefore the name "Jesus Lizard".
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Lizzard that ran across Gran's foot

Several weeks ago, my grandparents and oldest Cousin came hear to visit us. I still had Lightning and Ernie and my family really liked them. Soon though, we had to let them go so I let Ernie out, and put the rope on Lightning. Then I brought Lightning outside to take some pictures of him. Mamma took some good pictures but I wanted a picture of me holding him by the tail, with the rope off. So we doused him with water which he seemed to like ad I stepped on the rope. Then I touched his tail and he took off! Thankfully he still had the rope on so he was only able to run over and between my grandmas feet but she didn't mind. I grabbed that thing by the tail and pulled the rope off and mamma took some good picts then the iguana squired and I dropped it! It ran up a palm tree and now he is free. The End.
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Lizzard Hunting

Awhile ago, a Jesus lizzard came into our screen porch by mistake and we kept him there and tried to fed him bugs. A few days before that I had a sickness that made my asthma horrible. I had to use a nebulizar every four hours but this day I was doing better. The next day though I had a fever 100.3, I still helped Dad with work though. While on the stageing Rachele said she saw a smallish green iguana on a palm branch, well the palm tree hapened to be next to our house. The part where the branches start is about 2 feet from the tin roof of our house. So I climbed to the roof on another tree and took a long pole with me. Then I carefully edged across the roof where I could reach the branch with my pole. I then reached out and shook the branch but the iguana just eged around to the other side. I shook the branch again and this time the Iguana dropped to the ground right in front of my waiting dog. I can't give a complete description of what was happening because I was still on the roof and could only hear wha was going on. But this is what I heard: the running of small lizzard feet and larger dog feet. My siblings laughing and Bandit's growl. by the time I had gotten down the Iguana had found safety atop our cement wall so I knocked him off and he ran into the same grove of bananna trees that "the one that got away" ran into. But ths one did not run through it like the other one. He tried to climb them with Bandit in hot pursuit! But the bananna trees were slipery and the Iguana could only make it up about a foot. Of course Bandit could reach him there but didn't hurt him, just sniffed him. We called Antonio, our grounds keeper, and he grabbed it just behind the ear lobes and I went and got my animal box and Antonio placed him in it. I later named the Jesus Lizzard Ernie and the Iguana Lightning. The end.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cockroach Control

I am special pest agent Jonathan, specializing in cockroach control. I have been sent to Honduras to help with the cockroach invasion. I had to make do with what I had. So my weapons included flip-flops and sometimes feet. Fortunately, last year we upgraded and bought a fly-swatter, but that was nothing compared to our next upgrade. Grammie donated two electronic tennis racket things designed to fry, obliterate, and otherwise kill flying insects. (That includes cockroaches.) So now, we won't as my little sister says, "stay awake at night and watch the cockroaches go by". Have no fear, the cockroach control is on patrol!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The One that Got Away

A couple of days ago, I was chilling, (or in this case boiling) in our kitchen when my dad called me to come outside in a voice that he uses when something is very important. So I went outside with my animal box, a clear plastic storage tub with holes drilled in the white lid. Once outside, my dad pointed to a hole in the cinder block wall that perimeters the mission. Inside the hole was a lizard, a rather large iguana. I thought it was a slow moving gentle skink-like lizard, not a fast moving whip-tailed iguana! So I said, "I think this kind is really slow, Daddy." Boy was I wrong! We took the lid off the box. My intention was to catch the thing. We put the box over the hole and Daddy held it there while I went over to the other side of the wall and pounded on it. The lizard didn't like that and instead of going out of the hole and into the box, it simply went deeper into the hole. Only the tip of its tail was showing.
Daddy was ready to call it a night for it was after supper. But I didn't want to lose this iguana so I said,"Wait, let's pour water down the hole." So I got a cup of water and Daddy did the pouring while he held the box near the hole. The first cup didn't work, but the second was only half gone when... out shot the lizard so fast you could hardly see it, right into the box! Except that Daddy was holding the box out from the wall so he could pour the water in. He tried to push it up against the wall, but the lizard had started to run out. Daddy was afraid he would either squish it or it would run up his arm, so he dropped the box! Up the wall the iguana ran. The lizard paused one third of the way up. I picked the box off the ground and lunged toward it. Too late! For the lizard ran up and over the wall. I ran around to the other side just in time to see it sprinting on its hind legs into a grove of banana trees. Because the iguana had to much of a head start, I did not follow it into the darkness. And that was the one that got away.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Place: Trujillo, Honduras, (on the path to the kitchen)
Time: 11:00am
Name: Gecko
Type of Creature: Lizard
Description: A smooth animal, blue-gray color before shedding and tan after, scaly tail.
Comments:I found this gecko and I thought something was wrong with it because it did not run away from me, but really it was just shedding its skin. This made it look like its limbs were coming off! In trying to get a photo of it in my hand, it got scared and its tail broke off. It does that for defense. God created it with a weak spot in the tail which allows it to come off easily. When attacked, the tail breaks off and lays there wiggling like crazy. The predator is distracted by the tail and the gecko gets away. The gecko then grows a new tail. (Sometimes the tail doesn't come off all the way. It still grows a new one and then it has two tails!)